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Pick 4

How to Play Pick 4 Daily Numbers

Play your lucky number any day of the week! You can bet from 50 cents to $5. You can even place your bet for 21 days.

Ticket Sales & Draw Time

Pick 4 tickets can be purchased daily. The cut off time for ticket sales is 1:00 PM ET for the day draw and 6:45 PM ET for the evening draw. Drawings are held twice daily at 1:10 PM ET and 6:50 PM ET. You can watch the Pick 4 drawings by visiting the Tri-State Lotto Commission official drawing webcast. Winning numbers can also be seen on many local television stations around the state.

Winning Numbers

Get the winning numbers in your Inbox as soon as the draw has been finalized. The Maine State Lottery can email winning numbers to you for each draw.

How to Win!

Match your numbers to those drawn by the Lottery to win cash prizes!

Example of Wager Bet Type Prize
50 cent bet Straight $2500
Pick 1234
One way to win:1234
50 cent bet Box 4-way $625
Pick 1222
Four ways to win:
1222, 2122, 2212, 2221 (The bet contains 3 identical numbers)
50 cent bet Box 6-way $417
Pick 2121
Six ways to win:
1122, 1212, 1221, 2112, 2121, 2211 (The bet contains 2 pairs of identical numbers)
50 cent bet Box 12-way $208
Pick 1322
Twelve ways to win:
1223, 1232, 1322, 2123, 2132, 2213, 2231, 2312, 2321, 3122, 3212, 3221 (The bet contains 2 identical numbers)
50 cent bet Box 24-way $104
Pick 1234
Twenty-four ways to win:
1234, 1243, 1324, 1342, 1423, 1432, 2134, 2143, 2314, 2341, 2413, 2431, 3124, 3142, 3214, 3241, 3412, 3421, 4123, 4132, 4213, 4231, 4312, 4321 (The bet contains 4 unique numbers)
50 cent bet Front Pair $25
Pick 1234
One way to win:
Front Pair:1-2-x-x
50 cent bet Middle Pair $25
Pick 1234
One way to win:
Middle Pair: x-2-3-x
50 cent bet Back Pair $25
Pick 1234
One way to win:
Back Pair: x-x-3-4
50 cent bet Single Digit $2.50
Pick 1234
One way to win: match one digit of the four winning numbers in the exact same position.
Pick First Digit: 1-x-x-x
Pick Second Digit: x-2-x-x
Pick Third Digit: x-x-3-x
Pick Fourth Digit: x-x-x-4
Any or all combination(s) of straight, box, front pair, middle pair, back pair or single digit can be played on a single ticket.


The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. All information is entered manually and is subject to error. The Maine State Lottery makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information but is not responsible for any errors contained on this page. In case of a discrepancy between the winning numbers listed on this page and the official winning numbers, the official results shall prevail. A winning ticket must be validated on the Maine State Lottery's gaming system for final winner verification. Complete Pick 4 game information and prize claiming instructions are available from any Maine State Lottery retail agent or by email at