Becoming a Maine State Lottery Retail Agent

Over 1300 businesses in Maine enjoy the benefits of selling Maine State Lottery tickets and much of our success has come from relying on a network of enthusiastic and effective retail agents. So, by becoming a retail agent you too can enjoy the benefits of selling Maine State Lottery tickets and become part of our success story.

Simply complete the following application material and submit them to our office. The application and all related forms must be completed in their entirety before the application will be processed.

As part of the licensing process, our office will conduct a financial and a criminal background check on the owners of the business as well as other persons named in your application. Once the review of your application is complete including receiving a favorable report from the financial and criminal background check, your application will be processed and someone from the Maine State Lottery will contact you. If your application is approved, our office will need to set up training for you and other persons that you designate on how to sell lottery tickets and manage your lottery retail license. This training is mandatory and will be done at your location, at a regional location or at the offices of our lottery gaming vendor in Gardiner, Maine.

If you have any questions about the application process or subsequent training, please contact our office at (207) 287-3721 or by email at We look forward to welcoming you to our sales team here at the Maine State Lottery!

These documents are in an Adobe Acrobat pdf fillable format so that you can simply complete these documents on screen and print from your local printer. You will need the free Adobe Reader to open these documents.

Benefits of Selling Maine State Lottery Tickets

The financial benefits of selling Maine State Lottery tickets are excellent. For more information about the financial benefits, please download this brochure, “A Retailer’s Guide to Selling Maine State Lottery Tickets (PDF)”.

Getting Newly Launched Instant Ticket Games

To assist you in keeping the newly launched instant games available to your customers, you can subscribe to a program called “Automatic Allocation of Instant Ticket Games”. Please download and complete this form (PDF) and return it to join. The form is in an Adobe Acrobat pdf fillable format so that you can simply complete it on screen and print from your local printer.

Information on selection criteria used in determining approval and ongoing sale requirements

Applicants must meet these basic requirements before approval is granted:

  • You cannot be in business exclusively for the purpose of selling lottery tickets in the State;
  • You and other persons listed in the application must be at least 18 years of age;
  • You and/or your business cannot be delinquent on taxes in Maine and must otherwise be in compliance with state tax laws;
  • You must have and maintain insurance coverage against theft and fire or other types of losses;
  • You must agree to follow all laws, rules, policies and procedures as set forth and pertaining to the Maine State Lottery;
  • You must agree to sell an appropriate level of lottery tickets to players;
  • You must prominently display all lottery point-of–sale advertising and other informational material;
  • You must agree to maintain current and accurate records of all operations pertaining to the sale of lottery tickets as required by applicable laws and rules of the Maine State Lottery;
  • You must have a proven track record of selling other products in your business;
  • You must be willing to advertise and promote lottery tickets and promotions;
  • Your business must meet certain demographics such as population;
  • Your business cannot be in close proximity to other well established lottery retail agents;
  • Your business must be easily accessible to the public; and
  • You must receive a favorable report from the financial and criminal background check on you and all persons listed in your application.

If you are selected as a Maine State Lottery Retail Agent, you must then satisfy the following mandatory requirements:

  • Account of Electronic Transfer. A licensee must show evidence of the establishment of an account exclusively for the electronic transfer of lottery funds.
  • Six-month Trial Period. Required Level of Sales. A licensee must maintain a level of sales not below a minimum of $350 per week for on-line games (Megabucks Plus, Powerball, Hot Lotto, Mega Millions, Lucky for Life, Gimme 5, Pick3 or Pick4). This level must be maintained during the last twelve weeks of the six-month trial period and stay at this level. During the six-month trial period, Lottery Field Operations staff will be available to work with you on a plan to increase sales.
  • Application Fee. A $50 non-refundable application fee must accompany the application.
  • Installation Fee: A licensee must pay a one-time fee of $200 for the installation of the on-line machines. The $200 installation fee will be swept from the licensee’s account in $25 increments over an eight week period. This amount will show up as a debit memo on the licensee’s weekly on-line statement.